Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : On the last statement by the General Staff

bağdat kafe
05.09.2007, 08:32
On the last statement by the General Staff


Kemal Okuyan, If the last article of the second night-time declaration from the General Staff is written as a result of sufficient consideration, by going over it with a fine tooth comb, it means that Turkey is under great danger. The General Staff calls Turkish nation to “display a mass reactionary reflex”.

It is not meaningful to spend time on the discussion on whether or not the General Staff can make such calls. Army is a reality in the politics of Turkey and now it is indeed time to pay attention to the content rather than shape when such declarations enter into agenda.

If this declaration is not a product of a paralysis of reason, it proves the fact that plans of the US imperialism with more direct methods and of the European Union with more sly methods towards creating a Turkish – Kurdish clash in Turkey is almost to succeed.

The General Staff is making a call to the “Turkish nation”. It would not be a tragedy – brokerage to think that this declaration will return in the shape of “lynch attempts” and “beginning of clashes among the civilians”.

It is not a possibility that the General Staff who complains about Kurdish racism does not know that Turkey as a whole is stained with racism. Yes, racism is increasing in Turkey, both among the Turks and the Kurds and we can easily understand the source of this by looking at not too far; but at the performances of fascist Kenan Evren, the leader of the coup of September 12, 1980.

The place exploded bombs, triggered operations and violence take Turkey is the place of fraternal fight. All the actors heaping fuel on the fire are purposely giving support to the delusions of imperialists on Turkey.

If the call of the General Staff is attended, Turkey will in the near future be a divided country on which United Nations or another multi-national force will officiate as buffer in the name of protecting civilians.

Communist Party of Turkey has persistently emphasized and will go on emphasizing that this is an imperialist plan.

Today, many actors in Iraq and in Turkey claiming to take part in the politics in the name of Kurdish people have become a part of these imperialist plans and are following a strategy of madness. The representatives of the mentality that cannot tolerate even the existence of Kurdish people, that supposes treating Kurdish people as inferior as a right and that is the reason of the point we have come have amply the same state of madness.

We have to demand that the General Staff immediately makes a declaration saying “we have been misunderstood”. This document has to be retracted.

However, what is in fact important is the action to be taken by our people as a whole for bringing this madness to a stop, for rapidly organizing a will, which will secure fraternity and unity. Greedy logic of market economy, desire for the European Union, membership to NATO and close relationships with the USA have made Turkey come to this point.

The real source of schism lies here. Reliance of Turks and Kurds on this source should be averted. Communist Party of Turkey is taking part at the elections with the slogan “it is time to leave the herd”. It is really time to leave the pro-American herd.

Kemal Okuyan
General Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey