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Standart European Cities Of The Future 2006/07

The votes for the first round of the European Cities and Regions of the Future 2006/07 have been counted. Charles Piggott reports on the locations that scored highest in the 28 individual criteria across the seven main categories.

A total of 89 hopeful locations filed bids with fDi to join the magazine’s list of Cities and Regions of the Future.

On January 10, five judges met at the Financial Times headquarters in London to decide the winners. fDi editor Courtney Fingar and research editor Charles Piggott were joined by Paul Guest of Moody’s Economy.com, Douglas Clark of European location consultancy Tenon techlocate and Dana B Smith of international consultancy Trestle Group.

Locations were ranked by 28 individual criteria (see below) in seven main categories (economic potential, cost effectiveness, human resources, IT and telecommunications, transport, quality of life and FDI promotion). They received three points for coming first, two points for second place and one point for third. Where answers were not based on numeric data that could be ranked automatically, our panel of judges voted for the top three locations, also awarding three points for first, two for second and one for third. The following winners are the locations that scored the most points.




Winner: Paris

Runner up: Lille Metropole

Paris is this year’s French City of the Future. Showing steady economic growth over the past few years, the capital accounts for nearly 30% of France’s gross domestic product (GDP) and a healthy 4.5% of European GDP. Although location costs remain higher in Paris than in competing locations such as Lille, the French capital scored strongly in the judged categories. It came top for universities, transport, hospitals, international schools and heritage.

However, the judges awarded top marks to the Lille Metropole Development Agency for its confident promotional strategy and clear explanation of available investment incentives.


Winner: BERLIN

Runner up: HAMBURG

Berlin’s excellent promotional team scored top marks for the German capital in 10 categories, including promotional strategy, clearly explained investment incentives, overall attractiveness to FDI, heritage, hospitals, housing and universities. The city registered 20 foreign investments last year, creating 800 new jobs. These included investments by Swiss elevator manufacturer Schindler, US medical technology group Parexel International and UK rail engineering company Balfour Beatty Rail.

Hamburg, which boasts a large economy that is growing faster than Berlin’s, came a close second. Halle and Leipzig also scored well; Halle for its cost-effective office and industrial rents and lower wage costs, and Leipzig for its incentives and IT infrastructure.


Winner: Barcelona, Spain

Runner up: Madrid, Spain

Barcelona scored well for its quality of life and overall promotion and development strategy. fDi’s panel of judges gave top marks to the city for housing, heritage, investment promotion and clearly explained incentives. The city is promoting ambitious urban planning projects, including the multibillion-euro renewal of an industrial quarter into a new technological district, the arrival of high-speed trains at a cost of €451m, and the €4.4bn integration and expansion of the port.

Madrid ranked as the Iberian city with the best human resources and declared the highest level of FDI of any Iberian city in the competition, with nearly €4.5bn. Recent large-scale investments in the Spanish capital include a €312m paper mill expansion, a call centre for EDS, and IBM’s new regional headquarters. Aveiro in Portugal was the most competitive on costs for this regional category.


Winner: Copenhagen, Denmark

Runner up: Oslo, Norway

Copenhagen ranked top for overall economic potential, cost effectiveness, human resources, transport, quality of life and overall FDI promotion. In 2004, the Danish capital hosted 58 foreign greenfield and expansion investments that created about 1000 jobs. Recently completed infrastructure projects include a €3.3bn bridge and tunnel to Sweden, a €1.8bn metro project, an €821m airport expansion and a €176m city rail expansion.

Oslo won the IT and telecommunications category with greater telephone density, cheaper calls to the US and higher levels of mobile phone ownership.


Winner: London

Runner up: Manchester

London came top of fDi’s list for human resources (followed by Dundee), transport (followed by Manchester and Glasgow) and quality of life.

Glasgow came top for IT and telecommunications (narrowly ahead of London), while Manchester came top for its recent strong economic performance and overall FDI promotion and development strategy.

Sheffield registered the strongest economic growth (with gross value added rising an average of 5.6% in the past seven years) while Barnsley ranked as the most cost-effective location in the UK.


Winner: Dublin

Dublin’s success in attracting FDI has already been written into economic textbook history and created headlines with investments from companies such as Yahoo!, Amazon and eBay. The city’s international financial services district is now home to some 450 companies employing 12,000 people. Ireland ranked seventh in 2005 in the number of FDI projects, up from 21st in 2004.

The Irish government recently announced its €34bn Transport 21 plan, under which new motorways will connect Dublin with other major cities by 2010. Over the next eight years the capacity of the public transport system will also be doubled by adding seven new light rail lines and two metro lines.


Winner: Vilnius, Lithuania

Runner up: Daugavpils, Latvia

The Lithuanian capital ranked as the clear Baltic City of the Future, securing €2.8bn of FDI in 2004. Vilnius scored highly for its educated workforce, good universities, IT and telecommunications network and overall quality of life.

Daugavpils in Latvia was the most cost-effective Baltic region in the competition, while Riga topped the regional transport category. After Vilnius, the judges named Panevezys in Lithuania as the best at investment promotion. Klaipeda in Lithuania registered the lowest wage levels of any Baltic city in the competition.


Winner: Baku, Azerbaijan

Runner up: Rivne City, Ukraine

With an estimated GDP of more than 12.6bn for 2005 and an economy growing at more than 10% a year, Baku is emerging as an important economic powerhouse for the Western Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. The Azerbaijan government estimates that more than €4bn in FDI flowed into the city in 2005.

IT and communications are still catching up with EU standards, but more than one in four people have access to the internet, and data connection speeds of up to 500 megabits a second are available. Modern housing is available close to shopping areas where familiar outlets such as Polo, Benetton and McDonald’s have opened.


Winner: Vienna City

Vienna has successfully sold itself as a hub between ‘old Europe’ and the newly emerging economies of central and eastern Europe. The city has become home to some 300 regional headquarters for companies operating in the region. Solid economic growth across central and eastern Europe has been an important economic windfall to the city. Recent major corporate investors include Russian oil firm S****ft, Dutch brewer Heineken and Western Union Financial Services of the US.


Winner: Zurich City

Runner up: Geneva

Zurich and Geneva offer similar value for money with Zurich more competitive on property costs and Geneva more competitive on salaries. fDi’s judges were impressed with recent investments in Zurich, such as Google’s pan-European research centre and IBM’s north-east European headquarters.

Other investors include Hong Kong-based retail group AS Watson (owner of Superdrug and other chain stores), which chose Zurich for its European headquarters. It was joined by French electronics group Thales, IBM and Arthur D Little. Geneva impressed the judges with the high quality of its international schools, hospitals and overall lifestyle.


Winner: Brno, Czech Republic

Runner up: Budapest, Hungary

Brno, the Czech Republic’s second largest city and economic centre of the Moravian region, has seen rapid and sustained economic growth in recent years, averaging more than 9% a year for the past decade. Brno pulled ahead on economic development strategy, scoring top marks for investment promotion, clear incentives and public investment projects. It also ranked top for IT and telecommunications.

Budapest was a close runner up, impressing the judges with its recent economic performance. The city picked up top marks for GDP, volume of FDI, recent FDI deals, wage levels for manual work, number of graduates, universities, broadband speed, hospitals, international schools and heritage. Budapest also ranked top for quality of life, just ahead of Ostrava in the Czech Republic. Pardubice in the Czech Republic offers the cheapest rents, while Kecskemet in Hungary has the lowest wage levels for office workers.


Winner: Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia’s economy grew at 8.6% in 2004 and GDP growth is expected to exceed 6% in 2005. Total investment in Serbia in 2005 is estimated to be €1.65bn and significant recent investors include Italy’s Banca Intesa, US company Ball Packaging and Germany’s Metro Cash & Carry. Metro’s facility in Belgrade was the largest greenfield investment in south-east Europe in 2004. In addition, Microsoft has established its first software development centre in south-east Europe in Belgrade.


Winner: Manisa

Runner up: Konya

Manisa ranked as the top Turkish city in the competition for cost effectiveness (secretaries in Manisa earn on average €3,275 a year), transport, and overall FDI promotion strategy and development. Manisa registered €149m in FDI in 2004 and well-known businesses such as Italian white goods company Indesit, German electrical goods company Bosch, UK packaging company Rexam and Imperial Tobacco of the UK have all invested in Manisa.

Meanwhile, Konya ranked top for human resources, while Manisa tied with Sivas for economic performance. Konya and Bursa ranked equal first for quality of life and Eskisehir won the judges’ vote for having the three most attractive features for foreign investment. Gaziantep and Sivas have the lowest industrial rents. Denizli has the highest level of internet connection (with 15% of the population connected) and the lowest office costs.



The competition for European Cities and Regions of the Future is held in three stages. In part one, regions and cities were invited to put forward bids to be selected as the best location in their country or region (UK, Benelux, Greece, etc). The winners of the first round will have the chance to compete in five broader geographical categories: Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe and Southern Europe. Finally, the best locations in Europe will compete for fDi magazine’s top awards: European City and European Region of the Future 2006/07. Awards will also be given for the best locations in each individual category (Most Cost-effective, Best Promotion Strategy, Best Economic Potential, etc). The winners of rounds two and three, and the best in category winners, will be announced in fDi’s April/May issue.



Votes for round one were cast by members of fDi’s editorial team as well as by the following independent guest judges:

Douglas Clark, Director
Tenon techlocate

Paul Guest, Senior economist
Moody’s Economy.com

Dana B Smith, Director
Trestle Group Foundation



Economic potential
• Economic potential [judged]
• GDP growth
• Level of inward investment
• FDI deals [judged]

Cost effectiveness
• Out-of-town office rent
• Centrally located office rent
• Industrial rent
• Secretarial salaries
• Middle management salaries
• Manual labour rates

Human resources
• Universities [judged]
• Number of 2006 graduates
• Percentage of population with a degree

• Transport [judged]
IT and telecommunications
• Phone lines per 1000 people
• Mobile phone ownership (% of population)
• Broadband connectivity (% of population)
• Maximum broadband speed available
• Telecommunication charges

Quality of life for expatriates
• Housing [judged]
• Hospitals [judged]
• International schools [judged]
• Natural and cultural heritage [judged]

Best FDI promotion strategy
• Promotion strategy [judged ]
• Three biggest attractions for FDI [judged]
• Incentives [judged]
• Infrastructure and urban planning projects [judged]

(Türkçeside Aw Grup Tanıtımlarında )

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